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New York Jewish Week’s Grand Wine Tasting Report - KFWE 2013
The annual New York Jewish Week’s Grand Wine Tasting was held at City Winery in Manhattan on Sunday March 3, 2013. All the major importers, distributors and brands were on hand along with many boutique/artesian wineries, labels and local kosher wine retailers.
Kosher wine representation included many exciting new world class and high value brands along with foods from local kosher restaurants like Wolf & Lamb and U Café along with the Cheese Guy, Tnuva, Tribe Hummos and Papa Bens’s Kitchen to offer a bit of complimentary and tasty samplings. The New York Jewish Week premiered its latest “Kosher Wine Guide for 2013” with many relevant articles and featured their “Top18” lists. It is available on their web site at:
New York Jewish Week has held this event for four years now with growing attendance of more than 600 enthusiastic consumers and kosher wine enthusiasts.
The times would appear to be continuing to present unprecedented opportunities for the kosher consumer to enjoy world class wine at better value that at any time in history.
In my view it is actually not that easy to find many bad wines produced these days, there just some that are better than others including some that are extraordinary or that are of such incredible value we can only feel increased joy and gratitude for the blessing of this wondrous beverage.
Remember what Pliny the Elder said 2000 years ago: “The best kind of wine is that which is most pleasant to him who drinks it.” Or as I like to paraphrase: “Good wine is wine you like!”

Kosher Food and Wine Experience Report - 2013
Sponsored and run by Royal Wines the 7th Annual Kosher Food and Wine Experience - KFWE was held February 4,2013 at Per 60 in New York City and what started in since 2007 has become the premier event of its kind in the kosher wine industry.

Over 250 Kosher wines from all almost every major wine producing country in the world including Argentina, Australia, Chile, Israel, Italy, France, Spain and the United States, were showcased at the event along with more than 30 tri-state kosher restaurants and caterers. About 15% of the wines represented new releases in addition to new and classic vintages.

Since 2007 this event is most comprehensive tasting of kosher wines in North America with more than by 46 producers producer as well as an extensive selection of kosher spirits and liqueurs. More than 1,000 paying consumers attended the evening event which is routinely sold out well in advance.

Notable this year were Alexander the Great Grand Reserve 2007, and Cabernet Franc 2009, Assemblage wines from Barkan, Capcanes Rose (pre release), Clos Mesorah 2010, Domaine Netofa Tinto 2011, Drappier Champagne, Flam Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, Syrah 2010, Hagafen Dry Riesling 2012, with others like Castel, Hagefen, Yatir, Yarden, Galil Mountain and Covenant that routinely seem to meet or exceed our expectations.

The array of kosher restaurants and caterers from New York and New Jersey included Abigal’s, Le Marais, Pomegranate, Prime Grill, Gemstone Catering, with other kosher specialty food producers. Among the food I sampled were, streak tartere, shaved tongue, brisket, porcini cappuccino, Kobe sliders and my personal favorite; candied ahi tuna.

It has become an extraordinary opportunity to meet with many winemakers and representatives who express a broad range of strategies for their approach to viticulture -; the cultivation and management of vineyards or wine grapes and oenology - the special art and science that represents the magic of winemaking. But there is one consistent theme that is always present and compelling when you get to interact with many winemakers; It is the unbridled passion that inspires them to continuously engage in a relentless pursuit of excellence in making and improving their wines.

I was pleasantly impressed by a similar inspirational approach when I attended the Israwine2012 Exposition that is held every two years and you need to travel to Tel Aviv.

The Kosher Food and Wine Experience was sponsored by Royal Wine Corp., the leading producer, importer and marketer of award-winning kosher wines and spirits from around the world whose heritage dates back to 1848 when founder Phillip Herzog (1843-1918) supplied wines to Emperor Franz-Joseph in Czechoslovakia. Today, Royal's portfolio of domestic and international wines include producers from France, Italy and Spain, Israel, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile and the U.S.A. Additionally, Royal Wine Corp.'s spirit and liqueur portfolio offers some of the most sought after scotches, rums, bourbons, tequilas and vodkas as well as hard to find specialty items such as flavored brandies and liqueurs. In the U.S., Royal Wine owns and operates Herzog Wine Cellars in Oxnard, CA, and the winery's top- rated kosher restaurant, Tierra Sur. Royal also owns Kedem Winery in New York's Hudson Valley in Marlboro, NY.

Auction of Fine and Rare Vintage Kosher Wines - 2011
The first ever major auction of Fine and Rare Vintage Kosher Wines was held in New York City at the Roger Smith Hotel, Penthouse and Solarium on Thursday September 22, 2011 at 7:00 PM. It was conducted by Kestenbaum & Company, Auctioneers of Rare Books Manuscripts and Fine Art. The catalog was true to the theme and offered some of the most rare and Vintage Kosher wines available.

The event had been ably organized by Dan Rabinowitz (Wine Director) with the expert assistance of David Pollack and Gary Landsman on behalf of Skyview Wines.
It was a historic opportunity to access 127 lots of wines and vintages that are simply no longer available at your local wine merchant if they ever were. It has been said that kosher wine has arrived with many now considered to be “world class” and this event was just another example of that confirmation.

Who would have thought as little as a decade ago that leading wine authorities would now remark about kosher wines in the most complimentary terms like:

• “No-one should avoid wines simply because they have kosher certification. It seems generally irrelevant.” Wine Advocate

The catalog include French wines from the legendary 2000 vintage. There were also superb wines from Spain, Israel, and California. Wines were offered in the standard 750 ml bottle sizes as well the rarer Magnum (1.5 liter), Double Magnum (3.0 liter) and even Methusaleh (6.0 liter) bottles. There were vertical collections of sequential vintages. The auction was preceded with a wine tasting, by reservation.

Yes, I was compelled bid and acquire some very special lots. It was indeed a remarkable event and one can only wait with eager anticipation for the next one.

Author’s Corner held at KosherFest on Tuesday, October 29th, 2013
I hope to see many of you at:

Kosherfest 2013 in Secaucus NJ will mark the 25th anniversary of the largest annual exposition for the kosher food industry.

Author’s Corner on Tuesday, October 29th, 2013 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

will feature 10 authors who have published a book in the past year related to kosher food and invited to participate.

Authors will be available to answer questions, offer and sign books.

I will participate and be available to also discuss my new upcoming book:.

"Kosher Spirit - Your Guide to Kosher Consumable Ethanol"