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A taste of Tuscany


Cantina Giuliano

Cantina Giuliano winery is located about an hour from Pisa in Casiana Alta. Eli Gauthier, the proprietor showed us to our apartment, a two bedroom with an efficiency kitchen and lovely views. After settling in and cleaning up a bit, we had dinner at the restaurant at Cantina Giuliano, where we met Lara (the chef, and Eli’s lovely wife) and were served farm to table fresh vegetable salads, sautéed Tuscan Chard, and a homemade pasta dish with tomatoes and other vegetables and Sea Bream. Excellent Rose wine accompanied the first course and a wonderful Chianti accompanied the second. Eli was born in Paris, and Lara is a native of Casciana Alta. The winery and restaurant are named for her grandfather, Guiliano, who worked the land for the lord of the manor and made wine in this location. Lara’s parents, brother, and grandmother still live in the town.

We bought a wheel of their pecorino cheese and jar of preserves for later. It was a rare and special privilege to meet with Eli and Lara Gauthier and savor farm to table kosher cuisine at their restaurant and winery in Tuscany. Their passion for excellence is palpable in everything they do. We wish them much success and strongly suggest a visit on the bucket list for any serious enthusiast.


Just within the regional boundary of southern Tuscany is an ancient mountaintop community that was once a thriving Jewish community. It was known as "the little Jerusalem" in the 16th century and is characterized by narrow alleys and very striking arches. The synagogue remains as a museum with excavated, wine cellar, mikvah, bakery, and butchery all carved out of the mountain. Next to the synagogue is a grocery called "Kasher and Tipici which sells kosher Pitligano wine, artisanal matzoh and kosher cookies.

Cantina Terra di Seta

Committed to the synergy created by "Technology and Tradition" Daniele and Maria refurbished and built a modern sophisticated winery to tease outstanding results from the traditional varietals with an organic approach. As we strolled the southern exposure of the vineyard where new plantings of Sangiovese vines replaced old ones, nearby Siena presented an impressive profile in the Classico Chianti region of Tuscany.

The tasting highlighted spectacular paring with local sweet tomatoes, rich cheese, olive oil and sliced baguette. Distinctive, complex, elegant and delightful in character they have much for which to be proud in improving on three generations of family tradition. There are apartments that are available on site.


Ruth's kosher dairy vegetarian restaurant is just outside the entrance to the Great Synagogue of Florence. With a surprising range superior quality and releasable prices it was a very pleasant surprise. Salads, pasta and pizza are staples with daily specials that are regional fresh and typical. Reservations are highly recommended.