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Kosher Wineries in Israel



Winery, My Rating, Size, Visitor's Center, Restaurant

1 1848 Winery, Superior, Medium,
2 Adir Winery, Premium, Small, YES YES
3 Agur Winery, Superior, Small, YES
4 Alexander Winery, Premium, Small
5 Arza Winery, Good, Medium
6 Asif Winery, Superior, Small,
7 Barkan Winery, World Class, Major, YES YES
8 Bashan Winery, Superior, Small,
9 Bazelet Hagolan, Superior, Small, YES
10 Beit El Winery, Boutique
11 Benhaim Winery, Superior, Small,
12 Binyamina Winery, Premium, Major, YES YES
13 Birya Winery, Good, Boutique
14 Bnai Baruch Winery, Boutique
15 Bustan Winery, Premium, Boutique
16 Carmel Winery, World Class, Major, YES YES 
17 Castel Winery, World Class, Medium
18 Dalton Winery, Premium, Medium, YES 
19 Domaine Herzberg Winery, Superior, Boutique
20 Domaine Netofa Winery, Premium, Small
21 Ella Valley Winery, Premium, Medium, YES 
22 Gad Winery, Small
23 Galil Mountain Winery, Premium, Boutique, YES
24 Gat Shomron Winery, Boutique
25 Golan Heights Winery, World Class, Major, YES
26 Gush Etzion Winery, Superior, Small, YES YES
27 Gvaot Winery, Premium, Small
28 Hakerem Winery, Boutique
29 Hamasrek Winery, Good, Small
30 Hevron Heights Winery, Good Medium
31 Kadesh Barnea Winery, Good, Medium
32 Karmei Yosef - Bravdo Winery, Premium, Small
33 Katamon Winery, Good, Boutique
34 Katlav Winery, Superior, Small
35 Kitron Winery, Good, Small
36 Kitron Winery , Good, Small
37 Kleins Winery, Medium
38 Lavie Winery, Good , Boutique
39 Livni Winery, Superior, Boutique
40 Lueria Winery, Good, Small
41 Maccabim Winery, Good, Boutique
42 Miller Winery, Boutique
43 Mond Winery, Good , Small
44 Mony Winery, Superior, Medium, YES
45 Nahal Amud Winery, Boutique
46 Odem Mountain Winery, Premium, Medium, YES
47 Or HaGanuz Winery, Superior, Medium
48 Psagot Winery, Good, Medium, YES
49 Ramim Winery, Small
50 Ramot Naftali Winery, Superior, Small
51 Ramot Naftaly Winery, Superior, Small
52 Recanati Winery, Premium, Major, YES
53 Ruth Winery, Good, Small
54 Segal Winery, Premium, Major, YES 
55 Shiloh Winery, Premium, Small
56 Sifsaf Winery, Small
57 Tabor Winery, Premium, Major, YES
58 Tanya Winery, Good, Small
59 Teperberg Winery, Premium, Major
60 The Cave, Premium, Small
61 Tishbi Winery, Superior, Medium YES, YES 
62 Trio Winery, Superior, Boutique
63 Tsfat HaAttika Winery, Small
64 Tulip Winery, Premium, Medium
65 Tzora Winery, Premium, Small, YES
66 Tzuba Winery, Premium, Small
67 Vanhotker Winery, Good, Boutique
68 Zemora Winery, Superior, Boutique `
68 Yatir Winery, World Class, Medium
69 Zion Winery, Superior, Major