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Cover Art


blog“Fruit of the Vine – The Complete Guide to Kosher Wine” –

In the cover art, a cluster of ripe grapes are superimposed on a vineyard shown against the distant hills at erev (evening) the special time that defines each biblical day; or perhaps it is boker (morning) with the sun low in the sky behind the clouds.

Fine wine is an expression of the divine influence and the hand of man. The blessings of agriculture grow in the ordered structure of a vineyard which then can produce the remarkable fruit from which fine wine is made.

Quality grapes for fine wine require cool evenings and warm sunny days, favorable soil, moisture and a viticultural commitment to excellence. It is this synthesis of the unique combination of influences that contribute to the extraordinary character of fine wine even before it gets to the winery.

The science of enology (wine making) provides much opportunity to make wines that are progressively better and more consistent, but the axiom remains: ...“great wine starts with great fruit.”

Add your hand to the discovery, and let’s learn, and share the blessing of fine wine together.